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Meet the Project Participants: Bruce Woollatt

We next decided to interview Bruce Woollatt, another one of our regular data contributors. Bruce may be well-known to many of you who follow the Dinosaur Mailing List as the person who is building the 1/10 scale T. rex – … Continue reading

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Meet the Project Participants: Christian Foth

After a whole bunch of blather from me, Mike, and Matt, we figured it would be good to shut up for a little while and introduce some of our other project project participants. First on the list is Christian Foth, … Continue reading

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Can We Get A Hand?

Or at least some measurements of hands? One of the things we’d love to do with the ODP data is investigate the way that the proportions of the fingers and toes, phalanges and unguals, metacarpals and metatarsals, changed through evolution. … Continue reading

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The ODP at SVP

Have you been wanting to get together with other ODPers? Is all of this internet stuff getting you down, and are you craving human contact with other paleontologists on the project? Well, worry no longer – because the Open Dinosaur … Continue reading

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No, I’m not talking about the recent cinematic adaptation of a graphic novel loosely based upon historical events. Better, even! We passed 300 verified measurements this evening – in fact, we now have 307 verified entries, 83 unverified entries, and … Continue reading

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Update Your Spreadsheets!

ODP contributor Christian Foth recently pointed out to me that the phalangeal counts for the manus as presented in the project data sheets needed to be expanded for derived ornithopods – I didn’t have enough columns for digit V! Alas, … Continue reading

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Key Concepts: Osteology II (The Hindlimb)

In a recent post, we gave an introduction to the osteology of the forelimb. Now, we’ll round out that series with a consideration of the hind limb. Fortunately, many of the concepts are the same, so we’ll be able to … Continue reading

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