If You Haven’t Entered Data Yet. . .

Now’s your chance! In an effort to broaden participation, I’d like to reserve the papers listed at the end of this post for those who have not yet submitted any data and do not have access to a large personal library. All of these papers are freely downloadable (and I’ve even included links!), and would be a tremendous use for the project. Please remember to download the appropriate spreadsheet, and also please post a comment indicating if you plan on entering or verifying a particular reference so that we don’t have unnecessary duplication of efforts. Check out the How-To Guide as well as the FAQs for answers to most basic questions, such as the basics of data entry. And if you have queries, don’t hesitate to post a comment here or email me.

And don’t worry. . .if you miss out on these papers, or can’t find any other open access papers, or just plain don’t feel like typing numbers into a spreadsheet, there will be plenty of other opportunities to help out with the project. Stay tuned for details.


At this writing, we have 161 verified and 93 unverified entries in the database, submitted by 22 different individuals. Well done!

References for First-Timers

Dodson P (1986) Avaceratops lammersi: A new ceratopsid from the Judith River Formation of Montana. Proceedings of The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 138: 305-317. [link to Google Books] (completely verified)
Dong Z (1989) On a small ornithopod (Gongbusaurus wucaiwanensis) from Kelamaili, Jungar Basin, Xinjiang, China. Vertebrata PalAsiatica 27: 140-146. [PDF of translation] (completely verified)
Galton PM, Powell HP (1980) The ornithischian dinosaur Camptosaurus prestwichii from the Upper Jurassic of England.  Palaeontology 23: 411-443. [PDF] (completely verified)
Gilmore CW (1909) Osteology of the Jurassic reptile Camptosaurus, with a revision of the species of the genus, and a description of two new species.  Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum 36: 197-332. [link to Google Books, where you can download the PDF]
Gilmore CW (1914) Osteology of the armored Dinosauria in the United States National Museum, with special reference to the genus Stegosaurus. United States National Museum Bulletin 89: 1-136. [link to Google Books, where you can download the PDF]
Hou LH (1977) A new primitive Pachycephalosauria from Anhui, China. Vertebrata PalAsiatica 15: 198–202. [PDF of translation]
Maleev E (1954)  Armored dinosaurs of Mongolia, Family Syrmosauridae. Trudy Paleontologicheskogo Instituta Akademii Nauk SSSR 48: 142-170. [PDF of translation] (completely verified)
Maleev EA (1956) Armoured dinosaurs of the Upper Cretaceous of Mongolia: Family Ankylosauridae. Akademiia nauk SSSR 62: 51-91. [in Russian] [PDF of translation] (completely verified)
Perle A, Maryanska T, and Osmolska H (1982) Goyocephale lattimorei gen. et sp. n., A new flat-headed pachycephalosaur (ornithischia, dinosauria) from the upper Cretaceous of Mongolia. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 27: 1-4. [PDF] (completely verified)

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11 Responses to If You Haven’t Entered Data Yet. . .

  1. Eric Dolha says:

    I”m getting information from “hadrosaurus foulki” then I’m going to do Avaceratops.

    So I guess I’ll need someone to vertify.

  2. Fernando Racimo says:

    I think the papers in that list have been submitted once already (I did Avaceratops yesterday), so if you get the info the one verifying the info would be you.

  3. Eric Dolha says:

    Since avaceratops was done I guess that I will do camptosaurus.

    Two questions:
    1. which source should I download the spread sheets too?
    2. How do I type material into the spreadsheets?

    thanks in advance.

  4. Henrique Niza says:

    Hello ODP collaborators,

    I am working on Gongbusaurus, so I hope nobody is working on it too.

    Best Regards!

  5. Mike Taylor says:

    Great to know, Henrique; but of course it’s NOT a problem if someone else is working on it — we actively want multiple contributions on each specimen, so we can find mistakes (or other, less honest sources of error — something that we hope we won’t run into, but which we need to be prepared to deal with if we do).

  6. Henrique Niza says:

    Of course! I wrote that more in the sense if anybody is working on it too, please, let us know.

    I finished it already. Hope it is right… first work at ODP.

  7. Rob Taylor says:

    Presently verifying Bartholomai & Molnar 1981 (Muttaburrasaurus)

  8. Henrique Niza says:

    Is anyone working on the last papers? I’m having a hard time finding the PDFs…

  9. Ryan Sites says:

    well, i guess if nobody is going to do the last two I’ll try them this weekend
    –Aidan & Ryan

  10. Andy Farke says:

    Oops, those two were finished earlier; I just forgot to take them off the list. Sorry for any confusion! I think there may be a few refs that you can get off Polyglot Paleontologist; check the verification spreadsheet to see what’s available if you’re interested (some of the Young papers, for instance).

  11. Andy Farke says:

    I might also add that Osborn 1933 (AMNH pub) is also freely downloadable, if you want to check that one.

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