Update Your Spreadsheets!

Manus of a hadrosaur (after Brown 1912)

Manus of a hadrosaur (after Brown 1912)

ODP contributor Christian Foth recently pointed out to me that the phalangeal counts for the manus as presented in the project data sheets needed to be expanded for derived ornithopods – I didn’t have enough columns for digit V! Alas, my efforts to force all dinosaurs to conform to the One True Phalangeal Count (that of ceratopsians, of course, with only V-1 and V-2, but no more) have been thwarted. I have updated the project spreadsheets as appropriate, with columns now for four manual phalanges on digit V. Thank you, Christian, for catching this problem!

Project contributors: make sure to download new copies of the spreadsheets ASAP – it makes my life easier when cutting and pasting data from your submissions.

Speaking of submissions, our data collection continues at a very nice pace. We have 247 verified entries, 100 unverified entries, and around 45 in the verification que that require minor corrections before posting to the verified list. That’s a whole pile of data.

Need something to do this weekend when you’re not typing in data? Head on over to Mike’s post on the perils of measuring specimens, and add to the discussion! Professional paleontologist or not, your thoughts are welcome. This is your project too!

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