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The ODP at ScienceOnline2010

For those who might be interested, I will be giving a short “demo” of the Open Dinosaur Project at ScienceOnline2010, an annual conference on science and the web (Matt and Mike can’t make it, unfortunately). Because the event is so … Continue reading

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Meet the Project Participants: Diane (DeDe) Dawson

Continuing our series of interviews, we’re happy to introduce all of you to Diane (DeDe) Dawson. In a project that relies so heavily upon the literature, it is a good thing to have a science librarian on our side! Tell … Continue reading

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The Open Dinosaur Project in Nature

We at the ODP are excited to announce that the project is getting some publicity this week courtesy of a little journal by the name of Nature. A short letter to the editor [subscription required*], written by me, Mike, and … Continue reading

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Big News Tomorrow (and a Plot)

Late tomorrow we look forward to bringing you a Big Project Announcement (well, more of a Big Project Promotion). So, tune in then for more details. In the meantime, enjoy this new plot of our data. The other day Tor … Continue reading

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Key Concepts: Scaling

Anyone who has dealt with puppies, kittens, or human babies has probably noticed their freakish (“cute”) body proportions relative to adults. The heads are too big and the limbs too small! Fortunately, most of us grow out of this condition … Continue reading

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500 and beyond!

Today, our public database of verified measurements passed 500 entries. Thirty seven contributors, ranging from students to programmers to librarians to professional paleontologists, combed nearly 130 publications and filled just under 3,500 spreadsheet cells with numerical data. Many previously unpublished … Continue reading

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Plot of the Moment

Every once in awhile, it’s fun to plot up the data and see what they look like. Lately, it’s been especially fun because our data set just keeps on growing and growing! Right now, we have 425 436 455 verified … Continue reading

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Meet the Project Participants: Rob Taylor

Continuing our series of interviews with project participants, we’re now happy to introduce you to regular contributor Rob Taylor (no relation to Mike). Beyond Rob’s contributions to the ODP, many of you may know him for his work at The … Continue reading

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The ODP at One Month

Happy Birthday, ODP! It’s now been one month since the official launch of this project. We started out with three project contributors (me, Matt, and Mike) and 147 verified and unverified data entries. As of this morning, 34 project members … Continue reading

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The Road Ahead

Despite the fact that the blog has been quiet, there is a lot going on behind the scenes at ODP. In the next week or two, you can (hopefully) look forward to some Big Announcements – for reasons that (hopefully) … Continue reading

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