Post-SVP Update

As many of you know, all of the ODP project heads, and many of the volunteers, were at last week’s Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meetings in Bristol, England. It was a fantastic, and productive, meeting, but it also means that many of the data entries that have come in over the past 10 days haven’t yet been processed. There have been some really nice contributions lately (including some from new contributors), and I’m working like crazy to get them all ready to post on the public list or the verification list. Look for them by this weekend at latest! [Update – the verification list has now been updated, and a few entries have been cross-checked and added to the public database. The bibliography posted here is still slightly outdated, though 3 October 2009: I have just updated the bibliography page.]

And because I feel bad about bumping such a nice posting from the top of the blog’s home page, I refer you to Matt’s latest set of musings on the Shiny Digital Future and where the ODP fits into all of this.

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2 Responses to Post-SVP Update

  1. John Dziak says:

    Are you interested in including dissertation data? If so, there might be useful stuff at

  2. Andy Farke says:

    In most cases, dissertation data are useful (although I’m a little hesitant to include data that haven’t been published otherwise without permission of the authors). Look for more news on dissertation data in the near future, in fact!

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