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Synonym and Institutional Abbreviation List Up For Editing

In the wake of the post the other day on upcoming tasks for the ODP, Christian Foth and Rob Taylor have submitted first passes on the list of taxonomic synonyms and institutional abbreviations (click on the links to access files … Continue reading

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Big Tasks Ahead

So now it’s time to start thinking about some of the big tasks we’ll need to do in preparation for the paper. In no particular order, these include: Construct a composite phylogeny of all ornithischians (and our outgroups) for use … Continue reading

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The Project Heads Speak: Matt Wedel

In the final installment of our three part interview series, Matt Wedel shares his thoughts about the Open Dinosaur Project. See part 1 and part 2 for interviews with Andy and Mike. [It] seems (it may be totally wrong) that … Continue reading

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The Project Heads Speak: Mike Taylor

In the second installment of a three-part interview with Mike, Matt, and me, here’s Mike Taylor! Matt will follow tomorrow. Do you believe you might be setting a trend? Part of what’s so exciting is that we are in such … Continue reading

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The Project Heads Speak: Andy Farke

Mike, Matt, and I recently were interviewed about the ODP by the Brazilian science publication Ciência Hoje On-line. Only a few select bits of the interview were included in the article, so the next few posts here will include our … Continue reading

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The ODP in Portuguese

The Open Dinosaur Project is featured as one of the inaugural articles for the newly designed website of the Brazilian science news publication, Ciência Hoje On-line.  The article is in Portuguese, but a somewhat-readable translation is available through the wonders … Continue reading

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Speaking of the Bipedal / Quadrupedal Transition. . .

Dedicated readers of the blog likely remember that one of the core research goals of this project is to examine the bipedal/quadrupedal transition in ornithischian dinosaurs. Of course, ornithischians weren’t the only group to experience such locomotor changes during their … Continue reading

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Big Announcement – A Whole Pile of Data!

Awhile back, I had alluded to some big announcements for the project. Announcement 1 was, of course, our little contribution in Nature. Now it’s time for Announcement 2. We at the ODP are very, very happy to announce the contribution … Continue reading

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