Big Announcement – A Whole Pile of Data!

Awhile back, I had alluded to some big announcements for the project. Announcement 1 was, of course, our little contribution in Nature. Now it’s time for Announcement 2.

We at the ODP are very, very happy to announce the contribution of a huge chunk of original measurements from Matt Carrano at the Smithsonian Institution. Matt has graciously offered the core of his dissertation data set (and then some), with measurements from over 600 specimens relevant to the ornithischian component of this project. The database is particularly full of measurements from the hindlimb, including a number of never-before-published data points.

Combining the data submitted by all of us with the Carrano ornithischian dataset, we now have nearly 1,200 individual verified entries in the ODP database! That’s a 21-fold increase over what we had at the launch of the project. Great work everyone, and a huge thank you to Matt for his generosity. As before, the entire dataset is freely available for download and use by anyone.

So what does a plot generated with the gigantic database look like? Now you know!

MT III vs. Tibia L

Log Length of MT III regressed on Log Length of Tibia. Slope=0.852 (significantly different from 1); r^2=0.928

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1 Response to Big Announcement – A Whole Pile of Data!

  1. John Dziak says:

    Thank you Dr. Carrano!!!

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