Update: The ODP at ScienceOnline2010

As mentioned awhile back, I will be presenting on the Open Dinosaur Project at ScienceOnline2010, an annual collection of science bloggers, researchers, and the like. The conference is small (~250 participants), and features sessions ranging from podcasts to online civility to citizen science. My presentation (more of a demo/presentation) is on Saturday during the 2 – 3:05 pm session (of course, I am only one of several presenters during that time). Apparently, this session will be streamed live, recorded and available on YouTube, and simulcast on Second Life (check out A Blog Around the Clock for more details – I’ll post further information here when we get closer to the conference).

Because this is an open project, I want to involve the project participants as much as possible. Here’s what you can do:

  • Drop me an email or post a comment here describing your experience with the ODP. Some questions you could address include: 1) How did you find out about the ODP? 2) What has worked well for you as a participant? 3) What hasn’t worked as well for you? 4) Have you participated in other citizen science projects before? 5) Why did you decide to participate?
  • Participate from SecondLife or via the chat room with the live video screen. Apparently there will be opportunities to ask questions via these venues, too.

I’ll hopefully have an early draft of the presentation available later this week! Stay tuned for details.

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