ScienceOnline2010 Update

My presentation on the ODP came and went, and seemed to be very well received. I’ve had a fantastic time talking with other folks leading and participating in citizen science efforts, and there is plenty to follow up on. Look for more news in the days to come.

And, once I get info on where the YouTube video is posted, I’ll add a link here.

Thank you to all of our participants – your efforts knocked their socks off!

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3 Responses to ScienceOnline2010 Update

  1. Henrique Niza says:

    Nice to know the presentation went pretty well. 🙂 Looking forward to watch it now.

  2. It was great to finally meet! I enjoyed your session and our discussion – I hope some of the possibilities we discussed pan out for your project.

  3. Andy Farke says:

    Thanks, Jean-Claude! I’ll definitely be following up on those.

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