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Notes on Data Processing

I’ve begun the process of paring down the database into the form for final analysis (but remember, of course, that the full, unaltered data live on). So far, I have deleted entries that fit into the following categories: Extraneous entries … Continue reading

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Combination Complete

A huge thank you to all of the volunteers who helped to organize multiple entries for individual specimens into a single combined entry. This was an unglamorous task, but an important one for subsequent analysis. We got 243 combined specimen … Continue reading

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The ODP: Just One of Many Citizen Science Projects

Anyone can do science – this firm belief is part of why we started the Open Dinosaur Project. In fact, as Matt noted some time ago, there is a whole world of “citizen science” opportunities out there! If you’re addicted … Continue reading

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The Analyses Ahead

As we finish up combining the data, it’s time to start thinking about the specific analyses that we’re going to do. What are the specific questions we’re asking? What are the techniques that we need to address the questions? Some … Continue reading

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Home Stretch for Specimen Combinations

We’re on the home stretch for combining specimen data. . .I just updated the spreadsheet (accessible, as always, here); feel free to edit as appropriate to combine all of the final entries. Note that I have temporarily removed the already … Continue reading

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Beware the Shifting Catalog Number

Those who have contributed to the ODP over the last few months know that a single specimen might have measurements featured in 2, 3, 4, or more separate scientific papers. In order to keep data entry and verification as transparent … Continue reading

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Kudos to the ODP Contributors!

There’s a really fantastic article (with a great photo) over at Science Buzz, featuring ODPers Becky Huset and Neva Key on their quest for Camptosaurus limb bone measurements. Go check it out! Have you been featured in the news, on … Continue reading

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Found an Error? Have a Change to Suggest?

In order to streamline things during this time in the project (and in order to keep important notes from getting lost in other comment threads or email inboxes), I’ve created an “Errata” page. As it says there, this is an … Continue reading

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Time to Get to Work

Thank you to everyone for an excellent discussion going on over at the previous post. It’s really helping to clarify a number of issues – and I appreciate all of the expertise being tossed in. This is what open science … Continue reading

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What’s Next?

Thanks to the hard work of a number of individuals, our big old measurement spreadsheet is nearly complete. Almost all of the relevant entries have been verified (aside from a few stragglers), and we’re ready to get serious about data … Continue reading

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