Wrapping Up Data Collection

Our original schedule specified the close of data collection on February 1. Well, today is the day! I don’t think we’ll hit that target precisely, but we are very close. Only 212 entries remain to be verified (including a large batch of single measurement specimens that was dropped in recently), and around 30 are on the double-check queue. In the next few days, let’s abide by the following:

  • Aim to finish up the verification list by Friday, February 5. Important: Please post a comment on the “Tasks for Contributors” page as you complete references, just so we don’t double up on work.
  • Unless the previously un-entered reference is a stunningly important one that includes multiple elements from an otherwise unrepresented species or specimen, let’s hold off on submission of new entries from the literature. At this point, most of what we’re getting are repeats of previously included specimens or measurements of isolated elements. These are still useful to some degree, but we have to call it quits somewhere! Otherwise, we’ll be verifying data until this time next century.
  • Submissions of original specimen measurements are still welcome.

In other news, we have 1,596 verified entries! Very, very awesome.

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2 Responses to Wrapping Up Data Collection

  1. Jordan says:

    How many co-authors are you anticipating at this point?

  2. Andy Farke says:

    Hi Jordan – I think we’re got around 40 or 50 who are eligible for authorship. We’ll be doing a poll later to see what percentage of these actually are interested/willing to have their name on the paper.

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