The ODP on the ABC

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s radio show Future Tense is airing an episode later today on Open Science. It just so happens that I was interviewed about the Open Dinosaur Project for the program! Sadly, I can’t really tell you what I’m going to talk about, because I just don’t remember. I was coming off a nasty flu at the time of the interview, so there are no guarantees that I’m terribly coherent. I’m pretty sure I owe an apology to Matt and Mike, for neglecting to mention them at all! Not my best interview. . .but then again, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

An MP3 of the program will be posted later; I’ll provide the link then. Update: Here’s the link to the program page, and here’s the MP3, and here’s the audio stream. Enjoy!

We’ve only got 70 more measurements left to verify, and there are now 1,757 measurements on the verified list. Amazing!

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2 Responses to The ODP on the ABC

  1. h l fuller says:

    Hi! I heard the Future Tense broadcast on my way to work this morning (in NH, USA) – I am very excited about your work, and plan to haunt this site til I understand it all better. Hope to contribute in some way once I get up to speed on how you are doing things.

  2. Rob Taylor says:

    Very interesting show from start to finish, although the finish was certainly the best part. (I had a feeling they’d save the ODP for last!)

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