The ODP: Just One of Many Citizen Science Projects

Anyone can do science – this firm belief is part of why we started the Open Dinosaur Project. In fact, as Matt noted some time ago, there is a whole world of “citizen science” opportunities out there! If you’re addicted to the idea of citizen science, and want to learn about other projects in this vein, head on over to They’ve got a whole directory of opportunities in all scientific fields in which you can participate!

Even better, there is a project page for the ODP, and a nifty little blog post by John Ohab with a video message from Matt and me (Mike’s over in England, and Matt and I practically live next door, so you’re stuck with only 2/3 of the project leads). John mentioned that (which is still in the beta stage, but looking quite nice) encourages all of us to create an account and even member blog posts about our experiences as citizen scientists. If you have a moment, go check it out!

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1 Response to The ODP: Just One of Many Citizen Science Projects

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    You guys are so sweet.

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