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New ODP article in the Palaeontological Association newsletter

April 22, 2010 6 comments

The new issue of the Palaeontological Association newsletter dropped through the letterbox this morning, and I was delighted to see that our article on the Open Dinosaur Project was included.  The PalAss newsletter, despite its name, is not a couple of mimeographed-and-stapled sheets, but a reasonably substantial publication (98 glossy pages in the current issue), so hopefully it will help to raise our profile, especially among more traditional professionals who get their news from dead-tree media rather than the Internet.

You can download the whole newsletter as a single PDF from the PalAss site, or just the OPD article (five pages) if you prefer.


Taylor, Michael P., Andrew A. Farke and Mathew J. Wedel. 2010. The Open Dinosaur Project. The Palaeontological Association Newsletter 73:59-63.

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