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Forelimb Proportions, Ternary Style

An important part of our manuscript will simply be a description of limb proportions in ornithischian dinosaurs. For this, ternary plots really have no parallel. These graphs simultaneously plot three variables in two dimensions on an equilateral triangle. And wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Relevant References for the ODP

In response to a recent query on this blog, ODPer Christian Foth contributed a list of papers potentially relevant to the ODP, specifically limb posture and evolution in ornithischian dinosaurs. It’s important to recognize work that others did before and … Continue reading

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The Data Set (as it sits now)

The ODP has accumulated a whole lot of data, and now we have to make some sense out of it. The first step was to pare it down from the original monstrous mass. Based on a very lively discussion (see … Continue reading

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Return of the ODP!

It’s bAAAAaaaack! The hiatus has been a long one (far longer than expected), but now it’s time to get the show on the road again. Life has been busy for everyone, but it’s time to make some time for the … Continue reading

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