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Some Things to Do, and a Progress Update

We’ve had some good discussion and suggestions for ways to tweak the phylogeny, so keep them coming! At the bottom of this post, I have a new and improved version of the phylogeny. In the meanwhile, we’re still trying to … Continue reading

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An updated (updated) phylogeny

As mentioned in the previous post, a few papers with new or updated phylogenies for various ornithischians have appeared in the last year. Thus, I spent a few hours going through them and updating the tree topology as well as … Continue reading

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Filling in the Blanks

During the extended gestation/hibernation/dormancy of the ODP, a few new papers with relevant data have slipped into circulation, some with ornithischians preserving limb bones, as well as new or updated phylogenetic analyses. So, if you’re looking for a final chance … Continue reading

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Disparity Notebook

Local disparity guru and paleontologist Randy Irmis (that’s Randall B. Irmis, Ph.D., if you go by his web page) recently posted a nice long list of recommended readings on the issue of disparity – what it is, how to calculate … Continue reading

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