Quick Update

The best way to spur work on a project is to agree to present it at a professional conference. Thus, I submitted a title (no abstract necessary) for the upcoming Southwest Regional Meeting for the Division of Vertebrate Morphology / Division of Comparative Biomechanics within the Society of Integrative & Comparative Biology (short title, isn’t it?). The beauty of this conference is that they have “5 minute talks,” where you can give short and succinct presentations of in-progress research. The ODP definitely qualifies! I’ve got a few days break from teaching (and my most time-intensive classes are completely done after the SVP meeting), so this week has the promise of productivity. Look for news on preliminary analyses, etc., in this space. Presentation is Saturday.

Oh yeah. . .I almost forgot! The submitted title was “Morphological Disparity, Locomotion and Limb Proportions in Ornithischian Dinosaurs.”

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1 Response to Quick Update

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Now you have to be prepared to talk about the actual science, not just the open-science aspect of the proect!

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