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Return of the ODP!

It’s bAAAAaaaack! The hiatus has been a long one (far longer than expected), but now it’s time to get the show on the road again. Life has been busy for everyone, but it’s time to make some time for the … Continue reading

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New ODP article in the Palaeontological Association newsletter

The new issue of the Palaeontological Association newsletter dropped through the letterbox this morning, and I was delighted to see that our article on the Open Dinosaur Project was included. ┬áThe PalAss newsletter, despite its name, is not a couple … Continue reading

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Sauropelta Solved!

A nagging problem in our dataset has been the issue of the Sauropelta edwardsi specimen AMNH 3032. Its tibia seems way, way too short (even for ankylosaurs), and it’s thus a bizarro outlier. So, I finally got my behind into … Continue reading

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Analytical Software

As the past two posts have attested, we are on the cusp of doing some actual, real-life analysis. If at all possible, I want to run the analyses using freely available, open source software. Fortunately, all of the major software … Continue reading

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Things to Do

We’re edging ever closer to a real, live analysis! In the meantime, there are four big tasks that remain for all of us: Double-check the taxonomic assignments of specimens, and make sure that they are up-to-date. Create a full listing … Continue reading

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Radius, Not Ulna

As you may recall from your own background knowledge or from this tutorial, the forearm includes two bones: radius and ulna. One of the core analyses we’re going to be looking at is the proportions of the forearm relative to … Continue reading

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Notes on Data Processing

I’ve begun the process of paring down the database into the form for final analysis (but remember, of course, that the full, unaltered data live on). So far, I have deleted entries that fit into the following categories: Extraneous entries … Continue reading

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