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Quick Update

The best way to spur work on a project is to agree to present it at a professional conference. Thus, I submitted a title (no abstract necessary) for the upcoming Southwest Regional Meeting for the Division of Vertebrate Morphology / … Continue reading

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Mopping Up the Data

Thanks to Alexandre Fabre, Falko Gauß, and others, we are starting to close out some of the nagging verification entries for the data set (all of which are now accordingly updated in the public files). David Dreisigmeyer has also noted … Continue reading

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The Data Set (as it sits now)

The ODP has accumulated a whole lot of data, and now we have to make some sense out of it. The first step was to pare it down from the original monstrous mass. Based on a very lively discussion (see … Continue reading

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Paring Down the Data

Awhile back, I brought up the issue of how to handle specimens with multiple individuals, as well as juvenile individuals, and a lively discussion ensued. The general conclusions were: Any ratios must be calculated for individual specimens, not from Frankensteinian … Continue reading

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Meet the Project Participants: David Dreisigmeyer

It’s been a long time since we’ve featured one of our project participants. . .so, here’s a chat with a relative newcomer to the ODP, David Dreisigmeyer. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? What do … Continue reading

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Almost Done Aging Our Dinosaurs!

Thank you to Rob Taylor, David Button, Christian Foth, ReBecca Hunt, Chris Noto, and Jordan Mallon for their work filling in the ages/dates for our dinosaur spreadsheet, as well as helping to update some of the taxonomy. We have just … Continue reading

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ScienceOnline2010 Update

My presentation on the ODP came and went, and seemed to be very well received. I’ve had a fantastic time talking with other folks leading and participating in citizen science efforts, and there is plenty to follow up on. Look … Continue reading

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